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Ok so this is bad quality taping lol my phone was dying jack was crying all around a mess. However hope you enjoy and it helps you out! Favorite baby products Pick The Gender of Your Baby.com Guaranteed to give   ... Read more

Moms Do you find this baby product disturbing ?

My sis in law bought my infant son some Baby Einstein shampoo products as a gift. The bottle has colorful numbers encouraging learning and pointing out numbers and animals on the sides of the bottle to baby and toddler while   ... Read more

Mermaid’s Lagoon

List of Items Used In Video: (Use any similar items from your current collection) Jesses Girl Eyeshadow Primer Illamasqua Bedaub Cream Pigment MAC Surf The Ocean Crushed Pigments NYX Algae Loreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner Kat Von D Concealer- medium   ... Read more

I have a baby line product I want to get a patent what are the steps and best way to do it with out a lawyer?

Want to do this on my own and not be taken for my product...

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Every woman looks forward to motherhood with joy and anticipation. Motherhood is an important milestone in every woman's life and is the most defining moment in her life. Being a mother, while being thrilling and challenging, is exciting and ...  ... Read more