Where can I find an online list of eco-friendly baby products?

Where can I find an online list of eco-friendly baby products? I'm trying to find a good baby list of eco-friendly products to buy a gift for a friend's baby shower. Any suggestions? Best answer: Answer by Leo-bug's mamahttp://www.newbornmom.com Add   ... Read more

Brilliant Baby Products on NBC in Baltimore!

http:www.brilliantbabyproducts.com, Kathleen Tomes on WBAL Baltimore 11. Featured Products include: Text Message Baby t-shirts and bibs, PediPed children's shoes, Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra, Milkies for capturing leaking breast milk and FuzziBunz diapers, the best cloth diaper on the market!   ... Read more

I have an idea for a baby product. How to I approach a company about buying the idea?

I have no desire to patent, produce, or manufacture the item do to cost involved. I would prefer just to sell the idea to a company for them to do that. Any ideas of how to approach this or a   ... Read more

Watch my baby Sleep with automatic Crib Rocker invention

They say "Necessity is the mother of invention" The perfect baby product for Mum and dad to assist baby to sleep & in-turn allow the whole family get some sleep too.

I am a new mom who have come up with a way to improvement a baby product?

What steps should I take to make this great invention a reality?