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Anyone else find that Johnson’s baby bath products made their infants skin dry?

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Anyone else find that Johnson’s baby bath products made their infants skin dry?
My baby is almost 6 months, and I had been using Aveeno products exclusively because some members of my family have dry skin. My son never seemed to, so I used Johnson’s Bedtime Bath one night when I washed him, and the change was instant. His skin was so dry after the bath. I have switched back to Aveeno, of course, but I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this?

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Answer by Mommy of 1 baby and 2 puppies!
Yes, my son can handle the soaps but the lotion is awful!

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Yes! I have borrowed it from a friend when staying at her house. Her skin was so dry after, you could see her skin flaking. I use California Baby usually.

My daughter has extremely sensitive skin and suffers from eczema, I had tried the Johnson’s & Johnson’s bath products with her, but they make her itch like mad! We can’t use any J&J products for her, they all dry her out and make her itch.

We switched to Aveeno for her, and she doesn’t itch with that at all.

Ive used them since day one and never had a problem with dryness his skin is super soft and he gets a bath every night. I guess some babies skin is just more sensitive.

ABSOLUTELY YES!! It made my daughters skin very dry also , she woul dget these rashes very itchy ones) 2-3 days of using it. I hate those…i have been using aveeno from day one. My daughter is 3.

Oh yes! I used Johnson’s Baby oil and Baby soap till my daughter was two months old and her skin got so dry and flaky. After that the doc suggested a lotion and new soap and after that she has never had that problem again.

Yes it does and I don’t give my baby a bath everyday because it washes away the natural balance of oil in the skin. I try every other day or 2 days if she’s not dirty because we all have eczema in this family. She hasn’t had any yet though.

I used J&J shampoo on my daughter’s hair and her hairline fell off!!!

The shampoo was to strong and dropped all her hair, switched to aveeno after that and thankfully all her hair is in the correct place now.

Wouldnt reccomend J&J products at all!

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