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Fresh Faced Products for the New Year

Fresh Faced Products for the New Year

Thanks so much for watching! Please EXPAND this box for more information and links! WHERE ELSE TO FIND ME: Check out my new VLOG CHANNEL! www.youtube.com For more frequent updates on my life and make up discoveries, follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com For more in depth reviews and swatches… check out my blog! fleurdeforce.blogspot.com Or you could always be my friend on facebook?! http PRODUCTS MENTIONED: Face Scrub £8.17: tinyurl.com Face Mask £18: tinyurl.com Energy Balm £10.21: tinyurl.com Eye Cream £49: tinyurl.com Foundation £32: tinyurl.com Mascara £14.81: tinyurl.com Eye Liner £13: tinyurl.com Concealer £4.99: tinyurl.com Palette £24: tinyurl.com WHAT I’M WEARING: Clothing: T Shirt from Mango, Shrug from All Saints Nails: Various! (See my blog for reviews/swatches!) Make up: Face Atelier Ultra Foundation in 3/Wheat Witch Concealer in Natural MAC MSF Natural in Medium NARS Blush in Deep Throat Jemma Kidd Duo Cream/Powder Highlighter Eyeshadows from The New Cid Eyes, Lips, Cheeks Palette MAC Chromographic Eye Pencil in NC15/NW20 MAC False Lash Mascara MAC Lingering Eye Brow Pencil Estee Lauder Crystal Lipstick in Crystal Baby DISCLAIMER: I am not being paid by any of the companies mentioned in this video. Some of the products were purchased by me, some were gifts from friends and some were sent for review consideration. All opinions are my own and 100% honest as always. The links for Boots and SpaceNK listed above are affiliate links.

Fresh Faced Products for the New Year
800+ Photoshop Brushes Mega Set 2
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800+ Photoshop Brushes Mega Set 2


What? blush are you wearing here?

you have twilight and harry potter :L sorry i saw it and i was like AHH she reads? !! :L

Can you do a tutorial on? the look you are wearing? I loooove this look!

Your hair is looking lovely here, really healthy? and voluminous :)

Hey, big fan, love your vids! Just a question, were you testing colours on your nails in this video? Or do you wear multi-colours like that?
Anyways love your? channel, really enjoy it.

your skin? looks absolutely amazing!

How often do you use eye cream? I never know if you’re supposed to use? it once or twice a day…

I hate that Clinique mascara for my top lashes, but like? you said it’s super nice for the lower lashes. I agree it does work well for days when I don’t want to wear a ton of makeup.

can you do a tutorial on? this makeup please

can you also make a review of soap? and glory’s fab pore hot cloth cleanser?

Hey does anyone know of? a website/company which does free shipping to the UK from the US ? Im not sure if Fleur has mentioned it before? ?

can you please do a? how you use all the products video ?

i thought it was really wierd how your nails were? different colors until i just checked your blog :)

random question, i love? the new lighting, super! can you ‘enlighten’ (hehe) us as to what light you are using?

where in my comment did u see ‘i want to be a professional’? i think u have the wrong idea of being professional in the context of my comment. But i don’t have to? explain myself to you, as my comment was directed to Fleur.

omg. she can still have the same lighting while sitting on a chair or something? dumbass.

yeah and no one wants her to be professional…apart from you. We like the face? she’s a girl talking about make-up like the rest of us.
Who wants to watch a girl trying be “professional”, when she’s like all of us watching her?

Thumbs up if you always look at the highest rated comments in? a youtube video!!!!

Thumbs up if you always look at the highest? rated comments in a youtube video!!!!

hat gringita ponte? en 4

Love your hair in? this video! x

twilight sucks! jk rowling beats smeyer hands? down. not even worth comparing.
dont want to start something just my opinion.

sp u dont want her to sit their , but u love the lighting where? she is sitting hahahahha? lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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