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Mermaid’s Lagoon

List of Items Used In Video: (Use any similar items from your current collection) Jesses Girl Eyeshadow Primer Illamasqua Bedaub Cream Pigment MAC Surf The Ocean Crushed Pigments NYX Algae Loreal Lineur Intense Liquid Liner Kat Von D Concealer- medium MAC- Strange Potion Lipglass (Surf Baby Collection) Gold Go Lightly MAC Powder MAC Cheek Powder- My Paradise This is not a sponsored video. The primer was provided for my channel, however I was not asked or paid to use it in this video.

Mermaid’s Lagoon


hiii i like ur videos :P hhmm what programm do u use to make the videos?

Oh man, i love it!! It’s so pretty!!

Where do you buy your lashes ?? *Wantstoknow=$*

I love it your so pretty

i love this look would you ever do a young middle school look PLEEEEAAAAAASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it! (:

do u think u can tell me what colors i would use from drug store makeup? i love the look in this vid but im on a budget so i have to buy drugstore stuff. it’d be soooooooo epic and helpful if u could like give suggestions on brands and colors from the drugstore. thanks!

I love your hair like that!

i <3 ur nails!

Julie do you know if there is any way to get the MAC Surf the Ocean Crushed Pigment, they were sold out right after you made this video. Does anyone??

you are so kind and a loving person!! :)) i always watch your videos even if its 1 o’clock in the morning :P xoxoxo

This comment may change your life Julie lol
Can I see your whole make up collection!!!!!!!
But it may take an hour right
Btw I love the look!!! :D

watch the alexandra stan music video for mr saxobeat can you recreate her makeup

Gorgeous tutorial! I’m trying to decide whether to get Strange Potion or not! :)

I did this look Julie, but I have no idea how to post a photo on your twitter page.. I love this look so much.. I might do it for work Friday

yay! I tried this and it went pretty well but I definitely need to try the primer potion by urban decay. I would try the jessies girl primer but I have no idea where to find it. can you get it at sephora?

@BubblezMac1 Make up works on anybody, you just have to do it to fit your eyes, personalize it and make it yours (: My eyes are nothing like hers but I’d still do this look just because of the colors, I’d just do it to fit me. Good luck :)

Love you!!! Thanks for all the your vids<3

this looks so pretty, but i don’t think it’ll work on my eyes because of the way they are shaped on yours. my eyebrows don’t go up that high :S


Love it!!!

Reminds me of the island ocean :) lovelyy!

wow! blue eyeshadow that actually looks natural and pretty!! :)

Is there a dupe for the NYX-shadow ? I could not find this shadow on Cherry Culture ;S
They did have a shadow called “Lake Algae” but I donĀ“t think it looks the same.

Lovely look – as always :)

SO pretty and I’m wearing it today!! Thanks

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