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Eliana’s first Phillies Game, Business Road Trip, GooGLE Maps, Djing 101 and more OURCRIB MERCHANDISE: www.districtlines.com/ourcrib SOUNDCLOUD DJ Mixes: soundcloud.com Make sure to Subscribe, Like and add our Twitter (@st8sidemusic) (@carlycrib) and Insta-gram(St8sidemusic) for full crib access and pics.



Lol? 00:55 the girl in the background

00:56 I know the girl in the back making faces! She’s crazy! I go to school with her. I am so showing her this? video! If she sees this, Hi Blair. (:

00:56 ha ha? that girl in the back was making faces lol

PVP & OC ho yeah? i just have to subscribed

Damn how many cars do they have. A luxury? car, a traveling car, and a family car?!


Lol look at this little sneaky? girl above his left shoulder at 0:56 she’s posing for the camera lololol

Elianah = my vote for “Phillies Girl of?? the Year 2012”

some video bombers ?

I really like this video.? I hope a lot of fellow students us it.

Hot Video Bombing? at 0:55 :)

Lol!! Video Bombing at the game! :P? (0:55)

Peep the girls in? the back at the game

Jesse ? & Jeana FTW

U R not one of those parents that takes their? baby to the ball game, movies, etc?

Does anyone notice the girls in the? background 1:08-1:10

I love seeing the little baby Eliana grow! Shes adorable, not a surprise to you is it! Great video by the way! Keep? it up!

like this comment……..look at 1:07 to? 1:12 in the background

look at 55 to 57 like this comment

Jeana and Jesse are the weirdest couple I’VE EVER SEEN,in a good? way….O.o

Dude I just saw one of those things on top of a car today and? I thought of u…. So I had to tell u hehhehe

00:54 ,? 01:06 Videobombers xDD

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