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Moms Do you find this baby product disturbing ?

My sis in law bought my infant son some Baby Einstein shampoo products as a gift. The bottle has colorful numbers encouraging learning and pointing out numbers and animals on the sides of the bottle to baby and toddler while bathing.Then underneath encouraging this play it says Keep out of reach of children. What in the world would encourage a company to put attractive learning pics on their SHAMPOO for babies and kids ?


It isn’t as bad as the Dora the Explorer rectal thermometer I saw.

It’s basically saying don’t use without parental supervision, you wouldn’t give a young baby a bottle of shampoo and leave it alone would you?

Yea I dont see the point in that. I read in an article that Baby Einsteins is subliminally brainwashing the younger generation. Interesting stuff.

Yes I do…. thats just wrong to encourage a possible dangerous product and then say keep away… like putting Barney on a pack os cigars!

While I don’t find it particularly disturbing, I think it is pretty stupid :).

I’ve heard only negative things about Baby Einstein products. Even recent research says your child (2+) will learn more from watching Sesame Street, or even Oprah then from watching Baby Einstein videos lol.

i think they mean like when ur not watching over it with ur kid that u should keep it away from children

I don’t find it disturbing, marketing is everything. There are many things on the shampoo and conditioner bottles for children. I let my kids look at the bottles while they bathe, but my kids are never left alone in the bathtub so they wouldn’t be alone with the shampoo or conditioner.

that does sound kind of dumb. i forgot exactly where i heard this, but on the radio people were talking about how the baby einstein products (videos mostly) had no effects whatsoever on babies.

Ironic, since studies have shown that these videos actually harm infant learning. Seriously


No, just as long as you are holding it and pointing them out, what is wrong with that.

I think you put too much thought into that.

To make it appeal to kids to use it. I would caution you on using anything Baby Einstein since they have had alot of things recalled for lead problems and saftey issues.

As was suggested, common sense should dictate that you not leave your child alone with a bottle of shampoo whether it’s intended for use on children or not. You supervise, while the child holds the bottle to look at the pictures.

In the U.S. most products that can harm children in any way have that warning, because people here use their own lack of judgment as grounds to sue. Those warnings serve as protection against liability.

Hey did you realize McDonalds coffee was HOT???? common sense woman… PLEASE!!!!!! If your sister doesn’t know that shampoo is NOT something for a baby to play with—then she has a HUGE problem… so it’s colorful–so is a bottle of CHLOROX but no one would pick THAT up and drink it—–Easy off oven cleaner is in a nice colorful package too… again—who would eat it.??? Everything we BUY is in colorful packaging that’s how they ATTRACT PEOPLE to their PRODUCTS… where ya been anyway??? Even Johnson & Johnson who has been selling baby shampoo for over 50 YEARS has a bright colored package—and by the way—a baby doesn’t know the difference from the colors on BABY EINSTEIN SHAMPOO or a bag of frozen PEAS……

Because they want to make money…and they try to appeal to the parents wish to nourish not only the body of the baby but also the mind. But I agree, it is rubbish to put that kind of stuff on a shampoo bottle. But then I don’t agree to the whole concept that company stands for… I believe the best way to get a happy, healthy and smart kid is to interact constantly with him/her – not to plop in a DVD. I don’t think television is good for babies at all.

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