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Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hairline Growth

Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hairline Growth

It’s been a year since I started using JBCO on my hairline. Here are my results! Jamaican Black Castor Oil on Amazon.com amzn.to Dec 2010 Hairline video youtu.be More on the benefits of Castor Oil en.wikipedia.org Let’s keep in touch! blog.franchesca.net http facebook.com Loc Star bags www.zazzle.com This video features Royalty Free music from DJ Come of Age www.youtube.com soundcloud.com Full Disclosure: This product is linked using Amazon’s affiliate link program. I have not been paid to endorse these products and have purchased all of these items on my own accord.

Product Review: Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Hairline Growth


@chescalocs My local beauty supply has? begun to sell this product. There is also a shampoo that I purchased as well. I think that I have been re-twisting in different directions and my hair has thinned at the roots in some places. I will let you know how the shampoo works.

check? out my product review….by justlocit

A? few of my dreads are thining in the front. How can I fix this? I really dont want them to break. HELP!! Also can you do a dying tutorial, because I want to do mine myself.

@TyroneBohne i? just use it on my hairline

@Keldaj no a doo-rag is fine. I actually use a wrap similar to a dreadsock, which has ties like a doo-rag, but has a sack so that the locs? are fully covered. I got it from Wal-Mart. Just make sure that your entire hair line is completely covered to prevent lint. Also, be mindful of the friction on the hairline (don’t tie it too tight). Also, styles are fine. Actually learning to style your hair now will help you deal with frizziness and awkward stages your locs will go through ;0)

@nickyworth25 Thank you Nicky, i have two more questions if you dont mind answering them, wrapping my hair up in a doo-rag isnt harming it in any way is it? and having my hair put in a style even though it isnt fully locked wont stop it from? locking will it?

Hey beauty! im tyrone from germany but i born in the usa ;)
so my question is ho do? you use the oil ? you only put it on the roots or do you put it all over your dreads / heads ? thanks and love from germany ty.

@Keldaj no it won’t? slow the process. It will help incorporate the loose hairs into the locs. I started with 2ST also over a year and a half ago. I would only retwist about every month and a half and I’ve probably gone longer through the whole process. Retwisting will only help the twist appear neater. It will take awhile for them to loc. I started budding after 1 month, but I don’t think it really “felt” loced to me until nearly a year. Hope this helps

I would love to look in your box? :)

love your hair.?

If anyone could answer my question, I would really appreciate it, I? have just recently had my hair two strand twisted and they haven’t loc’d yet. Im unsure of how often i should get my hair retwisted, it will be a month and a week this saturday and ill be going to get it retwisted tomorrow……should i wait for them to loc, will gettting them retwisted before they lock slow the locking process?

Are you going to keep your? locks forever?

I’m ready to try this. My? hair is thinner in the middle! Wish me luck!

@jejebenji? lol

Does it have a smell?? I’m always hesitant because I don’t want my hair to smell really strong.

@chescalocs I agree completely, eyes are? very sensitive. You should give the brows a try. I’m glad I found a cheap alternative than what they have on the market.

Yes it really does work!! I have really bad hairlines on the side of my hair! I’ve gotten this from having tight braids over the years. So I was almost bald on the sides. I purchased Jamaican Black Castor Oil 3 months ago and after one month discovered fuzz on my hairline. Now? I have hair on my sides!! It’s short but there’s hair there Yiippppeee!! I love it!!! and I love your videos too!!

@Vickygrl737 once or? twice a day. it just depends

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