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Product Testing Institute – Toddlers

So simple a toddler can use it? Yep, that’s the Xperia™ X10. Want to switch phones? Get the Xperia™ X10 exclusively at AT&T: bit.ly

Product Testing Institute – Toddlers


just rip them of their pride and joy.

Avery is the cutest :D :D :

annoying kids

0:07 rofl he’s crackin’ a smile!

Man: Did I Say you can switch phones?
Little Girls:….

hahahaha xD i have no idea what you just said!

Awww!! They are sooooooo cute.

ahhhh!! they are soo cute!!

@TomeCukor You had to say that out loud, huh? :/ Well, type it…

All you have to do is…


i swear avery is the sweetest thing… she tlkin like she’s an 18 yr old in a way… lolllll best ad ever… thumbs up if u agree…

soooo cute!

q pringadas porfa

these little girls are smarter than BLONDIES !!! lol

omg the little asian girl was cute when she asked, “how do you do that?” lol she wanted to know how to use the zoom button on her phone LOL how adorable!!!

awwww all the kids are so cute!! so adorable and clever! hahahah =)

Avery smashed the phone cause Nick didn’t get what she said.
“Did I tell you, you could switch phones?” LOL at Avery’s face.

@blackbandit07 pity blonde.

fuck the phone, I’m gonna get mr. frog!! :D

hahahahaha its so funny ther so small “can i have your fone?” “am yes

Walking bunny would kick the frogs ass

I have no idea what you just said

this is soooo adorable

@sexybeeest1 The Asian girl is smarter THAN you. She wouldn’t use the word “then” when she really meant to use the word “than”.

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