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Q&A: Does anyone know where to get free baby products?

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Does anyone know where to get free baby products?
People have been telling me that you can get free baby products, samples, and coupons online but I haven’t been able to find them. If you know of some good sites let me know. Thanks!

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Answer by carsonsmommy
There are a lot of webites like panningfamily.com but I have also gotten a lot of samples from the pediatricians office.

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Theres a lot of different places that help with baby stuff,I’m not sure what area you live in but theres a “Birth Right” in most areas, they help with clothes & Maternity stuff,diapers & sometimes formual. Theres also most likely a WIC office in your area! I had a place on the internet send me me free formula but you don’t get to chose what kind so that didn’t help as far as the internet goes…I’m not sure every website I’ve been to, trys to make you buy something in order to get the free stuff! You could also go to Kijiji.com they usually have a lot of cheap baby stuff!

You can see a listing for some great sites for free baby stuff on http://www.whattoexpectwhenexpecting.com.They have a message board called Penny Pinchers and other message boards for mommy’s seeking to save a little.Try http://www.coupons.com too.Good luck

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