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Survey of which baby products you used?

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Survey of which baby products you used?
For all of the following baby products…can you tell me which brand you used and if you liked it?

Car seat:

BQ: What are some other products/brands that you loved for your newborn?

Best answer:

Answer by hsmom
Whatever was on sale for all of the above. I was never picky and kinda strapped for cash when they were babies.

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Pampers Cruisers
Huggies Aloe Vera

Diapers: Pampers, shops own brand
Wipes: Pampers, Boots, Tesco
Bottles: Avent
Car seat: I don’t drive
Stroller: McLarens I think (it was years ago, and was out a charity shop lol)

Diapers: Parent’s Choice (Wal-mart) Fisher Price. HATED PAMPERS!

Wipes: Whatever was on sale.

Bottles: Greco? I think that’s what they are LOL

Car Seat: Evenflo

Stroller: Safety 1st

Diapers: cloth during the day, huggies at night
Wipes: A bunch of facecloths from primark, and soaked in warm water
Bottles: None, breastfed, but used Nuby sippy cups
Car seat: Silver Cross, then Britax, now we have a Graco
Stroller: Silver Cross, then Mama’s + Papa’s, then Maclaren

BQ: What are some other products/brands that you loved for your newborn?
I’m not big into brands, i used own brand bubble bath, shampoo, etc… The only thing I insisted on was a good bum bream – E45 after each change, Metanium in cases of nappy rash…

Diapers- White Cloud from Walmart
Wipes- Whatever was cheapest
Bottles- Playtex drop-ins, with the brown rubber nipples, all of my kids hated the clear silicone
Car Seat- Evenflo for infant seat, Cosco for older
Stroller- Sit-n-Stand or Evenflo (got the travel system with the infant seat)

I loved the bedding sets by Amy Coe for Target.

Diapers: Pampers Swaddlers (switched to cruisers at size 4)
Wipes: Huggies Soft Skin (Pampers & offbrands were too thin, this type smells best too)
Bottles: For the very few times we used them, VentAir
Car seat: Graco
Stroller: Going to be graco quatro tour duo with #2 but with my first I only used a cheaper one twice

shampoo/bodywash: Baby Magic Lavendar and Chamomile :) bestest!
baby food: Beechnut :)
shopped at baby gap and oldnavy and even walmart had cute stuff at the time

… cant much think of anything else.

Diapers: I’ve been using pampers swaddlers and we really like them but he has now outgrown them. We are now on a diaper search and we are looking for a good and cost friendly generic diaper.

Wipes: Kirkland brand from Costco. Yes we like them.

Bottles: Initially we tried Dr. Browns, but I hated them. Since then we’ve used Playtex Ventaire which we really like

Carseat: We bought a graco snugride which we liked. My son is now 7 months and he has has outgrown it by height. So we’ve recently bought a Britax Roundabout 55 Convertible carseat. Which we love.

Stroller: My stroller is also graco. But I can’t remember the model name for it. I really like our stroller. We use it everyday.

BQ: For a diaper cream I really like Beudreux’s Butt Paste.

Diapers: I have used almost all the brands out there from Parent’s Choice to Luvs to Huggies to Pampers. Pampers are my favorite though.
Wipes: I’ve used a few different kinds of these too. I like the Pampers Sensitive wipes the best because they are very soft and very moist.
Bottles: I used Evenflo glass bottles. They worked out great for my son!
Car seat: For the infant seat I used Graco snugride from birth to about 10 months then switch to a convertible Evenflo symphony car seat. I’ve been happy with both car seats!!
Stroller: I had a cheap navy blue Graco stroller we got used. In May I just got a new Cosco umbrella stroller. Both strollers have worked well enough for me. Of course I like having a new stroller better but when my son was born we couldn’t afford a new one.

Huggies. He’s a short and chunky baby, but he’s thinning out.
Pampers Aloe vera or if something better is on sale

Diapers: Huge fan of huggies. Nice to the bum and didn’t leak like pampers!

Wipes: I bought washclothes for baby and dipped them in luke warm water and used them then washed them. They were reusable, cheap and in lots of different colors!

Bottles: Even-flo. . . until he was about 6 months and then I switched to sippy cup and at night did the cheap $ 1 bottles from wal-mart!

Car Seat: Graco. I’ll always use Graco.

Stroller: I didn’t use one, however the one I had was by graco. It was the one that came with the infant carseat. If I had used it it would’ve probably been a really good one. The carseat sat in the stroller perfect.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Johnson’s bedtime bath. . . the one that has lavender and chamomille in it! I couldn’t get enough of it. Even after my son decided he didn’t want to use that anymore I used it. I’ll always use it. Makes your skin soft and hair oh so pretty!

I also went with making my own baby food. That way I knew what was in it. For this process all I needed was a cheap blender.

Last thing to add is the fact that I loved buying clothes second hand. It was the cheapest way to go when it came to finding quality clothes at an affordable price. I shopped at Goodwill for more than half of his clothes as a baby and got a lot of stuff that still had the tags on it from baby gap, jcpenny and baby world.

For my boys I used pretty much any diaper sold in the store. If I had money I would get huggies, if not I bought a generic, it was ll pretty same for them. For my daughter I could only get huggies, other brands gave her a bad rash

Wipes, walmarts parent choice, unscented. Great wipes, nice and thick, get the job done but also really cheap

Bottles Gerber regular bottes. No fancy schmancies just the plain old bottle. Worked great wilh all my kids, they all liked it and none had colic or anything

Carseat I think they al lhad evenflo. I like them, I dont really care for the brand there, I go by price and they are fairly priced

stoller again evenflo. It came as a travel system and then later on I bought their double stroller. Great value ( only like 120 bucks compared to some other ones that very few hundred bucks, it worked and folded great.

I liked beechnut jarfoods better than gerbers. they were less watery.

Diapers: Pampers
Wipes: Johnsons
Bottles: Advent
Car Seat: Maxi cosi
Stroller: Bugaboo Chameleon

Diapers: Pampers early on, switched to Walmart’s generic.
Wipes: Same as diapers.
Bottles: Never used them…boob to sippy cup.
Car Seat: Evenflo travel system as infant, switched to Cosco convertable seat.
Stroller: Evenflo travel system stroller for neighborhood walks plus cheap-o umbrella stroller (don’t even know brand) for stores/outings…fits in my car.

Diaper champ (thanks to bad dogs shredding dirty diapers.)
Sleeping gowns – super easy diaper changes

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