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What baby product is the best for clearing up diaper rash?


I found Balmex to be the best so far.

sudocream is best i think i have always used it and its rare my little one gets nappy rash

Laying the baby on a towel bare butted on the floor. Let some air get to his/her bottom. Otherwise I always used Desitin and baby powder.

Letting the area be exposed to air as much as possible helps more than any product out there.

If it is bad and needing protection plain zinc oxide always worked best for me.

To keep skin dry and healthy use pure cornstarch .. the kind you use for making gravy not the commercial baby products as they usually contain fragrance and other unnecessary ingredients.

Good luck.

It depends on the rash. For mild rash I use Desitin and AD to prevent it.
If your child’s rash doesn’t clear up in a couple of days, call the pediatrician. My children got dermatitis caused by yeast and it cleared up only with lotrimin antifungal.

My daughter had such a sensitive butt! I loved Zyncofax Extra Strength to clear a bad rash. And on a regular day when she didn’t have any break outs I’d just use regular Zyncofax.

BOUDREAUX’S BUTT PASTE is amazing! It works great my daughter had diaper rash and tried everything nothing worked, all the way still had a little rash. I tried this and gone! Now I put a little on her every change of diaper or bath and she has not had diaper rash Sense. I LOVE IT PLEASE TRY IT. IT WORKS

My son use to get just awful diaper rashes. His doctor recomended that we try Aquafore…we had tried everything else! It is petrolium based (i think!) and keeps the wet away from the area. Also try more frequent diaper changes and letting him/her run naked for a while (they love it!) Oh and in the case of a boy, boys CAN get yeast infections. They look almost the same as diaper rashes but the area around his butt/testicals will look really red and almost swollen (welted?) you can use the same kind of cream that a woman would use for a yeast infection and even normal anti-fungal for atheletes foot. Good luck! Hope this helped!

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste is awesome. Make sure their butt is dry, rub on a little powder, then the butt paste (make sure you use a generous amount and rub it in a little) and then a liberal amount of powder again. Always works like a charm for me.

I recently went to a pharmacy and asked the pharmacist (9:00 at night – my sons’ bum was so bad, painful and bleeding!). She grabbed me some Cortisone Cream and Canesten (an antifungal cream usually for feet) and told me to mix equal parts of both (so 50/50) together, wash baby’s bum & dry, then put small amount on the diaper rash and change the diaper every 2 hours. She said the other creams were for preventing diaper rash but this was to heal it. It really seemed to take the sting away! It didn’t improve completely by the next day, but it looked better and he stopped screaming whenever I wiped his bottom!

I would advise you to do the same – either buy those or go ask a pharmacist, instead of spending all that money on products you’re not sure if they’re going to work.

Just ensure that it’s not a yeast infection (I’m sure by now you know what one looks like :D)

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